Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer a few of the questions we have been asked over the years.  If you have a specific question or would like more information on how we could help with your catering needs please drop us a line using the form on the contact page.


What is your lead time?

We will do everything to fit into your requirements.

So, if you have been putting off arranging the catering for your special event and now only have a couple of weeks then call us and we will do everything possible to make sure the catering compliments your event perfectly.

We have even responded to requests from our business customers on the same day as they needed to have a business lunch laid on.

Having said that, it is easier for you and us if you can start to talk to us about your requirements as soon as possible.

I hate butter. Can you deliver sandwiches without butter?

Of course!

All our deli sandwiches are made to order. The orders that we take out can be pre ordered to suit whatever you want. We have customers who have their own special club sandwich and so on.

Please just tell us what you want.

What is the latest I need to call you to get a personalised sandwich on your delivery?

You should call by 10:30

Generally we would like to know as soon as possible as we start our rounds from about 8 am. However, we keep coming back to the deli to top up and so if you have forgotten then give us a call. We will do our best to oblige.

We are only a small company but we would like a breakfast service for our Monday morning sales meeting. We are only 8 people. Can you help?

There is no problem with us scheduling regular events and no customer is too small.

Our casual deli customer buying one sandwich is just as important as our largest corporate customers.

Call us and tell us what you need.

We are completely stuck. We need to put on a lunch for 80 people in two days time! Can you help?

Yes, of course!

We have catered for larger functions at very short notice.

We will always do our best to accommodate your needs. We will also be honest in what can be done and if there is a limit on our catering then we will tell you.

The bottom line is once we have agreed what you need then we will not let you down.

We have heard about your fantastic service. We are out in Poole and would like to do our wedding anniversary on our boat. Can you help?

Yes! Of Course!

In fact we often cater in Poole and further afield. We have even catered on boats before.

Whatever you want to do then call us and let us see how we can help.

We are a complete nightmare. Utterly in love and getting married. But...I'm a vegetarian, my fiancée is a celiac. To cap it off my future mother in law is a diabetic. Any chance you can help us with the catering?

Yes! Of Course!

Everything we do is bespoke and completely tailored to your requirements so even if you had people with 50 different dietary requirements then we can accommodate this.

Our wedding is getting closer and there is still lots to do. But its difficult to make the arrangements during normal working hours. Can we discuss our requirements in the evening?

Yes! Of Course!

That is easy! Why not come and have an informal discussion about your requirements over a quiet drink.

Then as the great day looms you can contact us by email, mobile, text at any time 24/7 (almost!).

Can you help with a venue? We have 120 guests coming for a sailing event but we are not from the area and can't find a suitable location.

Yes! Of Course!

We have been catering for a variety of events in the area and have got to know some great venues.

Venues that we know will work for you. We will be happy to help you with the arrangements.

Please ask if there are any other requirements such as entertainment and we will help you.

We forgot to arrange enough room for catering. We only have a space 8 feet by 6 feet. Can you provide canapés for 300 people?

Yes! Of Course!

In fact we have catered at the last minute with exactly these circumstances.

We will fit into your requirements and where possible your constraints.

Talk to us and we will see how we can fit into your plans.

Can you support a regular Tuesday evening event through the summer?

Yes! Of Course.

We welcome regular events. Call us to discuss.

Why are your prices variable?

We provide a totally bespoke service. Therefore every event is priced individually according to the guest numbers, service, food and other requirements you have.

Rest assured that we do not add extras or shoe horn you with a standard package..

You will find that our pricing is therefore very cost effective in that you do not pay for anything that you do not want.

Our pricing is also completely transparent with nothing hidden.

Why did you call yourself Loose Moose?

The silly answer would be to say that it is much better than some of the other names that were suggested. Suffice to say that it is a small family firm and one of our brothers lives in Canada.

In 2005 Paul Ryan, MD Loose Moose, decided to burn the suit, sink the desk and detach the phone permanently welded to my ear and set up a catering company.

I have always understood that eating well is not just a treat but necessary to lead a fulfilled life. A good meal does not have to cost the earth and should be enjoyed more days than not!

Making the decision to change my career and deciding the path my business should travel was the easy part. Deciding what to call it proved much more of a challenge.

Names such as “Paul’s Pantry” and “Gorgeous Baps”, although championed by a few soon fell by the wayside.

It was on an impromptu business trip to Toronto with my youger brother David, we came across a small bar in a seedy back street of this fabulous city. We sat down for the first of many beverages and as the night progressed the conversation became more silly.

Images of moose’s, real life mooses and what are not really mooses but look like mooses are abundant in Canada. You really just can’t get away from a mooses.

I have always fancied my self as a bit of a poet, and as there are not that many words that rhyme with “Moose”, as by this time we had decided the word should feature somewhere in the business name, I was left with little choice but to name our new venture “The Loose Moose Deli Company”.

The next morning, even after a few paracetamol and a very strong coffee, it seemed like as good an idea as we had had to date.

So there you have it “The Loose Moose” was born!!!!!