About Us

At Loose Moose we pride ourselves on our depth of experience following many years of catering at beautiful and unique venues around Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire.

We are confident in our approach to all our events and enjoy and care for each request very personally. Every fine detail is considered amongst our great team to ensure that your menu and event is of the highest quality and of seamless service.

Based in Weymouth and Dorchester, we offer an initial meeting to all clients within the Dorset radius to ensure the menu and service structure is developed to your vision. We can even advise on incredible venues within the Dorset, Devon areas that can suit styles, themes and party numbers.

Why Loose Moose?

  • Your catering is tailored specifically to your requirements
  • Vast experience across all aspects of catering
  • Refreshing and innovative menu ideas

  • Personal, individual service
  • We are easy to keep in contact with, with two shops open six days a week
  • Our reputation



Corporate Events

Do you have a special client to impress or are you celebrating winning that lucrative contract? Loose Moose Deli will guarantee satisfaction. We understand that you have limited time, & need to manage to a budget.

Special Events

Have you got a special birthday coming up? Or an anniversary that you want to celebrate? Let us help you to make it an event to remember with a unique, imaginative and mouth watering dining experience.


Heading up to the big day can be a little stressful. With extensive experience in wedding catering we, at least, can unburden you of having to worry about serving your guests great food on your special day.


Our shop is open 6 days a week and provides food that is freshly prepared using the finest of ingredients. We have a great menu for you choose from and always supplemented with our daily specials.


Mission Statement

We at Loose Moose Catering are immensely proud of the reputation for the quality of our product and the friendliness and professionalism of our service we have painstakingly developed over the last 11 years.

When asked to cater for our clients’ wedding we know we are taking responsibility for one of the largest elements of their special day.

With this in mind we do not prepare prescribed menus or service plans, rather we spend time with every couple guiding, advising and listening to ensure their every wish is exceeded.

We are lucky to live in an area where the quality of our produce, and the environmental values attached to its production, are very high. With this in mind we aim to source as much as is possible from our local suppliers.

These principals are reflective of a rapidly increasingly numbers of our clients who are seeing the benefit of local production as a way supporting specialist producers whilst reducing the environmental impact of large scale production.